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    This information will not be used in considering an application to the Board of Advisors, it is only compiled in the aggregate for our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. It is optional.

    Have you ever experienced homelessness or housing insecurity?
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    • Members of the Board of Advisors should expect to dedicate at least one or two hours per month to Time For Homes.
    • Members of the Board of Advisors are responsible to meet the expectations laid out in the guidelines below.
    • Members of the Board of Advisors should be passionate advocates for housing justice.
    • Members of the Board of Advisors should attend our conferences.
    • Members of the Board of Advisors should be active on Time For Homes’ Microsoft Teams.

    Duties, Responsibilities, and Expectations of Members of our Board of Advisors

    Our biggest advocates are our board members. These individuals are the face of our cause and are expected to use their efforts and abilities to promote the organization’s core mission in an ethical manner.

    This responsibility will come naturally for our most enthusiastic board members. All Advisors should proactively promote your work, attempting to ignite that same passion in others. This pertains not only to their personal and professional networks but to public relations as well. When speaking to the media on behalf of Time For Homes, they should paint our organization in the best light possible.

    Additionally, members of the Board of Advisors will offer their expertise and assistance to the organization in order to further the Time For Homes mission.

    We expect everyone that is involved in Time For Homes supports us financially, but we hold our Board of Advisors to a higher commitment. We ask that you donate a personally meaningful donation to Time For Homes each year. That may look different based on your circumstances, but Time For Homes should be one of your top three philanthropic donations each year.