Empathy and education are crucial elements in the fight to end involuntary homelessness.

Empathy and education are crucial elements in the fight to end involuntary homelessness.

We offer a series of informative, engage workshops to the general public or community groups to build the grassroots level support necessary to achieve systemic change.

These workshops, sometimes offered in conjunction with one of our organizational partners, are customized based on the needs of the group attending and their communities.

They are comprised of three main components:

  1. Educational Presentations
  2. Interactive Workshops
  3. Direct Outreach Activities

In addition to building visibility and goodwill for our partners and sponsors in their communities, volunteers and attendees are offered engaging workshops that educate them on myriad aspects surrounding homelessness and housing insecurity—and how recovery works.

The overarching goal is to leverage educational components that lead to more effective, empathetic advocates by exposing volunteers and attendees to issues and people experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity.

Housing Justice Advocate Certification Program

Time For Homes offers eight community workshop modules—upon successful completion of all eight modules and an independent project, attendees can become Certified Housing Justice Advocates (C.H.J.A.) as an indication of their proficiency and dedication.

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Our Community Workshops are offered with eight core-competencies. Whilst our program for Housing Justice Advocates requires the completion of all of them, interested individuals and groups are welcome to take one or more, as they see fit.

Additionally, Time For Homes is able to work with your specific group to tailor the workshop to your areas of interest—while still maintaining our high standards for the curriculum.

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